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crocs Unisex Classic Clog

crocs Unisex Classic Clog

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crocs Unisex Classic Clog

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AquaBlackBrownCandy PinkCerulean BlueChartreuseChocChocolateCitrusCitrus/OceanConcreteCotton CandyFuchsiaGoldKhakiNavyNeon MagentaOceanOcean/CitrusPearl PinkPepperPink LemonadePoolRedSunshineViolaViola/Volt GreenVolt GreenVolt Green/RaspberryWhite

  • The crocs Cayman is now called the crocs Classic

  • Ventilation ports increase breathability and filter water and debris away from the footbed

  • Available in whole sizes and medium width only

  • Item is imported. Item made from different country of origin like China, mexico etc.

  • Patented strap for secure wear,Massaging nubs stimulate circulation


Weiler's brushes are permanently mounted on 1/4" steel stems, providing quick installation on chuck or collet. High RPM ratings provide faster finishing for the lowest cast-per-piece brushed.

Product Details
Product Length:10.0 inches
Product Width:8.0 inches
Product Height:3.0 inches
Product Weight:0.44 pounds
Package Length:9.21 inches
Package Width:8.58 inches
Package Height:1.73 inches
Package Weight:0.31 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 3782 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 3782 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

136 of 142 found the following review helpful:

5Crocs Cayman/Classics rock for flexibility and ventilation  Aug 13, 2011 By Deege "greyhound rescuer"
First, let me offer the following personal research before I rave about the cros cayman/classic. In my opinion is the best place to shop and to read reviews prior to purchasing, particularly when looking for the 'cons' in a particular product. I have found that my negative feedback about a particular style croc did not get published on the croc website, and I think that is grossly unfair to the consumer. That implies to me that they are more interested in selling their product than listening to consumer complaints and thus modifying or correcting/improving their product. What you may or may not know is that crocs are manufactured in several different countries including Italy, Mexico, Canada, and here in the US, and that sizes and material used between styles vary greatly.I have done a great deal of research about children's footwear, and unanimously pediatricians say "barefoot is best" because the bones in children's feet are soft and growing until they are 13, if I remember correctly. However,footwear is necessary to protect feet from the elements or from injury. When shopping for crocs or any other shoe for our granddaughter, the very first thing I do is to pick up the shoe and try to flex the sole. If it is 'stiff as a board' it will impact the way your child walks. I have personally tested this with our granddaughter, and this is what I found: With a soft, flexible sole she can walk normally in a striding motion, exercising the foot and leg, which is critical to muscle development in the foot and leg. With a hard, inflexible sole, she didn't walk normally--rather she picked up her feet and set them down in a 'clomping' gait. Not good. You won't go wrong with the crocs Cayman/Classic, imo. I purchased these crocs classics in pearl white for our 2 year old granddaughter, and she has worn these for everyday almost exclusively this summer--they are that good. What I love about the Crocs Cayman Classic is the soft, flexible material used, thus making it a soft, flexible shoe--particularly the sole--perfect for growing feet. Equally important are all the vents around the perimiter of the shoe, allowing adequate ventilation which is important in a shoe made of manmade materials. This shoe is easy to clean and still looks almost brand new. This particular croc 'runs large'. Our granddaughter wears an 8/9 in this style, but an 8/9 in a couple of the other styles was smaller. There are two other styles in crocs that you couldn't give me because of the material used, the inflexibility, and the lack of ventilation. I won't mention those here because I am critiquing the cayman classic. I contacted crocs to express my concern about the differences in material used and was told that the best solution was to visit a store that sells crocs and to personally examine them. That is my advice to you. If you aren't in proximity to anyone who sells crocs, I would order the crocs Cayman/Classic. I'm even ordering this style for winter wear. For any other croc style, I would order from a vendor who accepts returns.
UPDATE: JANUARY 31, 2013: Still buying these crocs, and our granddaughter is approaching the 12/13 size. I still give this croc rave reviews.

361 of 391 found the following review helpful:

2Inconsistent shoe sizes  Jun 26, 2008 By Helen Murray "Hiker Helen"
I ordered two pairs of Crocs - one pair of thongs and one pair of cayman crocs. I used the sizing chart provided and ordered both pairs in M5/W7. However, when they arrived, while the Thongs fit perfectly, with room to wiggle, the Caymans were way too small (I'd almost say a full size too small). The Thongs were "made in China" and the Caymans "made in Mexico". I went to my local store and discovered that they receive Croc orders which are often made in multiple countries. It would appear to me that there is no "standard" mold used. So beware - just because you have tried them on in a store and think you have the correct size - you may end up getting a larger or smaller size, depending on where they are manufactured.

60 of 62 found the following review helpful:

2Manufacturing standards need to improve  Mar 22, 2012 By Lisa
I do love my Crocs, don't get me wrong... but it took three tries before I got a "good pair", which it why it gets 2 stars. I bought two pairs on Amazon and was unhappy with them. The size 6 were too small and the size 7 were too large. The 7 was REALLY large. I think the 7 would have been ok but one heel strap was a different length than the other. The cotton candy color looks flat in the picture here and really it's a shiny, almost metallic, color.

I decided to order shoes directly from Crocs web site to see if I got a different result. I ordered two more pairs of shoes. This time, I got a size 7 that was abnormally large with different length heel straps. But I also got another size 7 that fit PERFECTLY. Upon investigation I noticed that the ones that was huge with odd heel straps were manufactured in Mexico. The pair that fit perfectly was manufactured in China. The shoes from Mexico had straps of different length and the nubs on the inside of the shoe were rather flat. The shoes from China were perfectly the same size, had a better texture on the outside of the shoe and the nubs inside were more pronounced. The shoe from China was a much better product and putting them next to each other was like night and day. It's not a problem with the vendor supplying the shoe... it's a problem with maintaining manufacturing standards. I called Crocs and let them know that there is a stark contrast between the shoes from Mexico versus the ones from China.

Regarding sizing: I normally wear a 6.5, occasionally a 7. On Croc's web site they recommend going down a size if you typically wear a 1/2 size. I would say this is not always true. The larger size fit me better. It might be a good idea to fit the shoes at a store before buying online.

347 of 392 found the following review helpful:

5What a CrOc!?  Jun 16, 2008 By Amazon Customer
At first I didn't know what to make of this shoe/sandal... it's lightweight, comfortable and "convertible", which is a nice feature that I've never seen in a sandal before. First, I'll break down the benefits, then give the low-points.

This is probably the most attractive feature of the CROC, because it adds to the comfort and makes you feel like you're walking on air. By far the most comfortable things I've ever worn and I'm a picky shoe person. I have only owned 1 pair of sandals for the past 6 years and have hated every other sandal I've tried on, so these CROCS are definitely special.

You can turn the "sandal" into a "shoe" simply by pushing forward the strap. In "shoe" mode, it's a tighter more snug fit, so you don't have to worry about it coming off your feet. In "sandal" mode, it's easy to slip on and off (although it has a tendency to cling to the bottom of your feet), for that quick trip outside to take out the trash, or pick up your cell phone that you left in the car.

One problem I have with the CROC is that it doesn't ventilate very well. Sure, it's got holes. But the material is such that it traps heat so you're feet end up sweating in warm weather.

Another problem is that the holes allow all sorts of debris into the sandal while you're walking, such as loose rocks, wood chips at the playground, sand and dirt (when you're not at the beach), and rain water (puddles in the parking lot). This means that you're feet get dirty rather quickly and can be uncomfortable at places where there is a lot of debris - eg, playgrounds.

Sizing is a bit weird. I'd recommend going to a store first to try it on and see what size you are. It's hard to find a good selection at a store, so it's best just to dip in for sizing and then purchase the one you want on Amazon. Turned out to be the best thing for me, as I was able to score Army Green Caymans from Amazon, while searching at numerous stores I've only been able to find blue and black Caymans in sizes way too big. For $29.99 I think it's a bit pricey actually, but if you're picky about sandals like me, there's nothing you can do about it.

One other thing you'll have to get used to is how aesthetically disgusting it is. Let's be frank: it's a damn ugly shoe and there's no way getting around it. It's not the prettiest thing to wear, but it's hands-down the most comfortable. Just be careful where you tread. Definitely not an all-terrain/purpose sandal. Good for beach and casual sidewalk/short trip walking.

None. Except that the sizes for Beach version are "ranges" and are more roomy for your feet. Cayman sizes are exact and are more narrow. Try on before you buy as the versions are not the same.

28 of 29 found the following review helpful:

4Adventures in Wild Wonderful World of Clown Shoes  Jun 20, 2012 By Adeba
Crocs- from year to year, and style to style, are a lil funky nightmare to size, as any fan knows. And the density meanders a bit- from color to color? Research out of my pay range. One recent purchase fits but the strap is shaped wrong on one shoe so it never stays in the up-on-shoe position but rubs my foot. Etc. & yes-I live in them til it snows- it's been a long & colorful relationship.

SO- I ordered three different colors of exactly the same style & size and literally got 3 differently sized shoes, tho two were quite close ;-> These citrus-lime green ones practically glow in the dark- they are true clown shoes - the color is so outrageous and i am such a pale frumpy sort of geezer that looking down at radioactive feet made me consider sending them back. But they are SO comfortable & just the right fit. So just call me Bozo. Perhaps that's the secret random ingredient: clowns juggle the molds or extruders or whatever & now it's almost impossible to wear a mitchy-matchy pair. And my last great mitch-match pair shrunk so much on a vacation drive I had to give them to my gleeful smaller-footed friend when I got there.

So, anyway, as wonderful as good crocs are, getting a good pair in the mail is a crapshoot : be careful who you order from. Shoebuy's return is a little tedious but they pay return shipping.
BIC is AWFUL- hard to reach, NO information or return slip in package, you must use the original shipping box, you pay your own return as well a a restocking fee. If you have to order from them & have trouble with returns, write to Amazon about it- they'll make it right.

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